Can I control Music from my iPhone?

Over the last year, we've been listening to all of your feedback and feature requests. There were one that always came back. How can I control the music from my phone rather than with the Console game controller?

Well, we've been working for the last 6 months on a way to do both. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make it an update to AirMusic. The reason is that most users use AirMusic for streaming music while they're playing a Xbox video game. There's a way to tell the Xbox what to play next from the phone but it would kick you out of the game and we thought it was a bad experience.

Instead we wrote an entire new app called FullBlast with a new concept & design. It's a full on replacement for your iPod Music Player with a beautiful UI that let's you not only play music on your phone in the background but also send the music to your XBox. Using FullBlast you can control what song plays next directly from your phone too!

You can find it on the appstore here:

Thank you